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Sodexo, Southern Connecticut State University, and Adam Equipment Partner to Reduce Dining Hall Waste

Updated 7 novembre 2022

Sodexo, a leader in quality, multichannel, and flexible food experiences, in partnership with Southern Connecticut State University’s Office of Sustainability and scale manufacturer Adam Equipment, announced today the Weigh the Waste event in honor of Sodexo’s WasteLESS week.

Proposed post-Brexit plans for imperial units branded ‘ridiculous’ by weighing companies

Updated 1 octobre 2021

The UK’s government’s recent announcement that imperial measures for traders could return has been called ‘a backward step,’ ‘ridiculous’ and ‘a waste of time and expense’ by members of the weighing industry. And, in a recent survey, 90% of respondents believed it was a ‘bad idea.

Adam Equipment aims to provide “long term value for money and reduce industry waste” with new weighing scale

Updated 8 mars 2021

UK weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment is launching what it calls “an offensive on gross industry wastage” and aiming to offer customers longer-lasting products that require less maintenance, starting with their latest CBX Portable Bench Scale.